Our Exhibit Creative Story

Taking your stress, worry, and pain away is our mandate.
Shows, conferences, and events can be "off the side of the desk" last minute and you need a supplier that is honest about what they can provide.

Is it going to make it before the show guaranteed? Will materials roll-up the way they were intended? Will fabric be wrinkle free 3 hours after set-up?

We will not set you up to fail, but have, on many occasions, pulled the rabbit out, when unforeseen events popped-up! (Pun intended)

Exhibit Creative was created in 2004 with a vision to provide cost effective displays that last and unsurpassed customer service.
Prior to "Exhibit", our founder was instrumental in the design, innovation, and creation of displays for 1000's of exhibitors!
Our team collectively, shares over 64 years of direct trade show experience with state-of-the-art innovation in Dye-Sublimation, UV Printing, environmental Bio-banner, no solvents ever, and PVE to help Mother Earth with the task at hand.

Did we say, locally sourced? Yup! Who can afford to fly this stuff around these days? Good for carbon too!

Thanks for the continued support all these years (sans pandemic).